Be:Fit London 2014

Be:Fit London 2014

I have exciting news! I am an affiliate for Be:Fit London 2014, the Women's Health & Fitness Festival which is taking place in March. It is an event dedicated to offering women the long term tools to be strong, fit and healthy. No crash diets or quick fix beauty treatments. Simply expert advice, a carefully selected range of health, fitness and nutrition brands, group fitness classes, health checks, plus seminars to help women make lifestyle changes for optimum results. How great does that sound?!

The event is taking place at Old Billingsgate on 28-30th March 2014. Tickets are £18 for adults when booked in advance, but as I am an affiliate, I can offer my lovely readers (that's you!) £2 off your tickets if you use the code BFA18. That's right, get your advance tickets for only £16 just by using the code BFA18.

So many great brands will be there from different sectors, from Fitness, Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Sportswear, Fitness Technology and much more. By attending Be:Fit London, you'll get to speak to the people behind the brands, find out more about them, attend fitness classes, get advice on eating right, get a health check and more.

I'm super excited about this event and will definitely be attending. In fact, I'm looking for people to go with, so if you're interested let me know and we'll get a group together! I hope to see you there!

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Use code BFA18 for £2 off

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  1. This looks great - definitely going to get a ticket and would love to go with a group if you get one together!

    1. That'll be great. I've had a lot of interest on Twitter so will keep you in the loop. If you know anyone else who would like to go, spread the word! x