Fitness Class Review: Edge Cycle Spin Studio


It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a total Spinning virgin. I’d been told that it was tough, sweaty and really difficult, which didn’t get me rushing to sign up. I can’t remember what made me sign up to my first class, but I found that it was just as tough, sweaty and as difficult as I’d been told. My first few classes I had to cheat just to make it til the end. Whenever the spin instructor told us to turn up the resistance by one whole turn, I’d turn mine up by half a turn, if they said two, I did one and so on, so forth. After I went to more classes I got stronger, faster and better. Don’t get me wrong, it is still tough, sweaty and difficult but now I actually enjoy spinning. I think it’s because I really don’t like running (I’ve tried, believe me, I hate it!). Spinning however, I can actually do and by the end of the class I feel elated.

Last month, I was invited to the launch of a new spin studio called Edge Cycle in Holborn. It is a small studio, with only one room for spinning, but it is a large room with ample space between the bikes. The space was for a reason, I soon found out, as Edge Cycle runs a spin class with a difference. Edge Cycle Bootcamp combines both strength training with spinning! The launch class I went to was an hour long, with the first 20 minutes spent on the bike followed by 10 minutes upper body work with weights, then back on the bike before the toughest ab & core workout I’ve done in a while and finally, a very welcomed stretch.

Our instructor for the class was Belinda Shipman who looked incredible! Part of my motivation for giving it my all in the class was looking up at her toned physique as she powered through the class. I later found out she is a Mother of 6 – incredible! Belinda played great tunes during the class, I was able to get lost in the music, pedalling harder and faster to keep in time with the beat. I really liked her teaching style, she made me want to work harder, which is not easy, believe me.

The room was lit up with lights that changed colour throughout the class which I thought was quite cool. Face towels were provided for everyone and water coolers were readily available for us to fill up our water bottles. The bikes themselves were very sturdy and each part was adjustable. Edge Cycle even give you a pair of spin shoes to wear for the class which made such a difference!

Overall I was very impressed with Edge Cycle and will definitely be going back, in fact I have been back already! The only note I would say is that the changing room and showers are very open – literally, there are no doors or curtains on the front of the showers – so they are not for the shy ones. It was definitely an experience, showering openly in front of a bunch of other ladies!

What are your thoughts on spinning? I think I want to make a spinning playlist after hearing Belinda’s tunes. If you have any recommendations of songs, leave them in the comments below.

Edge Cycle Studio | class passes from £15*

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  • I love spinning, but haven’t been for ages as I let my gym membership lapse. I think I would quite like the mix of strength exercises too. My vote for spinning tracks goes to Pendulum – Slam, or The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die.

  • I also haven’t been spinning for a while! The class times seem to clash with my timetable, apart from the 7am ones – I used to be able to get myself to those but struggle now. Need to get back into the saddle!

  • Im loving spinning! The first time I tried it I remember it being so tough but it seems to get a tiny bit easier each time, I love that there are so many variations as well! Would love to try edge cycle or soul cycle! Love the post!

  • That has to be wonderful training. Too bad that in the area is nothing like this.