Introducing The Lean Body Jumpstart

The Lean Body Jumpstart eBook - Everything you need to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. A month's worth of full body workouts and delicious recipes.I’m so excited to finally reveal this to you. It’s something I’ve been working on for months now and something I’ve been wanting to create for even longer! I introduce to you, The Lean Body Jumpstart eBook.

I’ve teamed up with Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Health Writer, Fitness Blogger and my friend, Brit Williams to create an eBook packed full of workouts and recipes. A Fitness instructor at London’s boutique fitness studio Heartcore and a 1-2-1, group and post-natal Personal Trainer, Brit’s passion is to pursue her client’s potential with smart and effective exercise. Brit has created workouts exclusively for The Lean Body Jumpstart as well as shared her advice for creating a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve created recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that are easy to make, delicious and healthy and don’t require you to spend a fortune on your food shop or spend hours in the kitchen (a lot of the recipes take less then 30 minutes to make!). You’ll be eating thinks like omelettes, chicken fajitas, chilli con carne and more. This isn’t a juice fast or detox. The Lean Body Jumpstart isn’t a quick fix, it’s designed to set you up on the right path to improving your health for life.

Everything you need to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle

The Lean Body Jumpstart combines helpful and realistic advice, easy to make healthy recipes and high-energy workouts to boost your fitness and design an active lifestyle you’ll love. All in an easy-to-follow four-week programme and in a downloadable eBook, you’ll enjoy faster, smarter results with tried and tested exercise and nutrition advice. Skip the guesswork and jump straight to the results.

Learn how to create healthy eating habits around your existing lifestyle and continue to still have foods you love. Master go-to recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. These recipes are balanced, delicious and convenient. Challenge yourself with high-intensity workouts. Not only will you get leaner, you’ll get stronger and more confident with every workout.

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The Lean Body Jumpstart eBook - Everything you need to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. A month's worth of full body workouts and delicious recipes.

What’s included in The Lean Body Jumpstart?
  • A full month of effective workouts combining high-intensity cardio, full-body strength and muscle-toning isolation exercises. Bring your mat, a water bottle and willpower!
  • Healthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. You’ll be able to make your own meal plan with these recipes, ensuring your healthy choices fit with your lifestyle.
  • A printable meal planner, shopping list and workout schedule to help you plan ahead and stick to your healthy choices.
  • Advice and guidelines to help you continue your healthy lifestyle long after The Lean Body Jumpstart.

Find out more and buy The Lean Body Jumpstart now

Get to know Brit, the PT behind The Lean Body Jumpstart

I grabbed Brit for a quick Q&A session so that you can get to know a bit more about the PT behind The Lean Body Jumpstart.

Brit, when did you start Fit Brit Collective and why? Tell us a bit about what we can find on your blog.
Fit Brit Collective was born in late 2014 out of countless conversations with friends who wanted to know more about my training and get advice about how to improve their fitness. I wasn’t actually a qualified PT at the time, but I had worked as a fitness journalist and copywriter for around four years and really enjoyed the opportunity to work ‘off brief’ and just be myself. Turns out, I loved giving advice, designing workouts and sharing my experiences so much that I decided to qualify as a PT less than a year later. Now Fit Brit Collective is more than just a blog – it’s a growing fitness community or ‘collective’ of people who can connect both virtually over my online content and in person at my classes, bootcamps and events!

I love your balanced approach to health and fitness. You don’t seem to ‘ban’ anything from your lifestyle, instead you just make healthier choices more often than not. Are there any hard and ‘fast’ rules you live/blog by?
That’s a really great way of describing a healthy lifestyle. You’re right, I love to keep an open mind about everything. I enjoy food far too much to ban delicious things like creamy cappucinos and chocolate chip cookies (seriously, cookies are the best!). My exercise commitments are pretty non-negotiable – I’m naturally a really hard worker and I find that making time for exercise helps me keep balance in my life and get away from the laptop on a regular basis. More than anything, I move my body to keep my mind sane. I love that connection between an active body and healthy mind – the endorphins from a good HIIT session are far more motivating to me than the prospect of unveiling another ab (although that’s a happy bonus!).

I have 2 rules. My ABC rules of nutrition, which are explained in lots of detail in The Lean Body Jumpstart. Essentially, it’s an evolution of the 80/20 rules and means balancing perfect ‘A’ days in healthy eating with a couple ‘B’ days including a small treat and one ‘whatever I want C day’ when I feel free to indulge in all my favourite things. When it comes to exercise, my only rule is this: move every single day. Whether it’s yoga practice, a gym session, a TRX class, a run or an easy-going walk with my dog, appreciating movement for the sake of movement makes exercise something to enjoy and not to simply squeeze into a packed diary.

What’s the ultimate mission behind Fit Brit Collective?
My mission statement is this: To create meaningful connections through exercise, fostering engagement between mind and body, fitness goals and greater life goals, and between like-minded people with a desire to push and expand their personal possibilities.
For me, feeling connected is what life is all about. I love connecting with people through my brand, whether they’re clients or readers, and it’s an absolute privilege knowing that I can help people achieve their goals and maybe even unveil new goals in the process.

What made you want to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, and how has your life changed since being one?
I’ve loved fitness and shared what I know with people for a long time, but I had never considered fitness a profession before I took the leap last year. The fitness industry in the UK has boomed in recent years, and there are so many cool opportunities for trainers now to work in boutique studios or build a unique brand for themselves. People really care about health, and respect authenticity and creativity when it comes to the people helping them get fit and feel awesome. That shift in the industry was just the motivation I needed to turn my passion for fitness into a full-time profession. My life has changed immensely as a result. I still work crazy hours, but everything I do is absolutely a work of passion, so it feels more like play than work! The fitness industry also keeps me on my toes and constantly challenges me. From new equipment to new online platforms, there is always something new to learn and another service to offer. I know I’ll never get bored or plateau in my job – the bigger the imagination, the bigger the possibilities. That’s a job (and lifestyle) I find seriously exciting!

What was your goal when creating the workouts for The Lean Body Jumpstart?
I wanted the workouts to feel really accessible, but also challenge and inspire every single person who does The Lean Body Jumpstart. By emphasising timed sets, everyone can work to their own pace and increase their fitness with each workout. I also wanted workouts to be time-effective, so I’ve kept rest periods to a minimum in order to keep the heart rate high and ensure every workout strengthens and tones the body as well as burning fat and giving that all-important ‘cardio high’ from a fun sweaty training session! The 30 minutes will fly!

What is your favourite move or workout from The Lean Body Jumpstart and why?
Inchworm Tuck Jumps are a go-to for me. They’re amazing for activating the abs, mobilising the hips and building explosive power. Get into a good rhythm and you’ll feel so strong and athletic!

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in pursuit of your optimal fitness?
Oh this is tough! I’ve learned so many lessons along the way! I think for me, what makes exercise more than an errand is the mind body connection, so the most important lesson has to come back to that. By really listening to and knowing your body, you learn to push yourself more and also to pull back when something isn’t beneficial or doesn’t make you feel good. Incorporating yoga into my regime once a week has been incredible for helping me ‘zone in’ to my workout and ‘out’ of all the distractions around me. There’s a lot of science about muscles actually getting stronger by thinking about them as we train, but beyond that I also think exercise is so much more enjoyable when you’re fully present in what you’re doing.

Who do you look to in the blogging and/or fitness industry for inspiration?
I adore Jillian Michaels! I love how straight-talking she is and how she makes herself available to the people facing a real life or death lifestyle transformation as well as her fitness mad followers who want to step up their game! Here in the UK, there are so many inspirational fitness professionals and bloggers helping to create a positive community that promotes body confidence. Cantara, you’re definitely one of my fitspos! Your own fitness journey is super inspirational, and your content is so well considered and makes fitness and healthy eating accessible. Your recipes in The Lean Body Jumpstart are testament to just how easy it can be to make healthier choices! Svava from The Viking Method is pretty cool too! I went to one of her events with The Wellscene recently and she’s so humble and down to earth – all while kicking some serious ass and throwing together some crazy moves.

I hope you are as excited as I am about The Lean Body Jumpstart. I’ve wanted for so long to be able to share this with you and now this day has come! I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you buy The Lean Body Jumpstart, make sure you let me know using the hashtag #LeanBodyJumpstart. Who’s ready to jumpstart their healthy lifestyle??

Find out more and buy The Lean Body Jumpstart now

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