Kerastraight Ultimate Keratin Treatment Review

Kerastraight-KS-Ultimate-keratin-treatmentA month ago I had the chance to have a keratin straightening treatment on my naturally curly Afro hair with the KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment. I had actually been searching for keratin treatments and blowouts but I didn’t like the fact that these treatments meant you couldn’t really wear your hair curly for a few months. So it was as if the hair fairies (they’re a thing, right?) had seen my Google searches and sent the lovely KeraStraight team to my inbox! Before I get into the treatment, let me tell you a bit about my hair…


My hair history

For 10 years I chemically relaxed my hair to make it permanently straight. Relaxer is strong stuff, let me tell you. I’ve had hairdressers leave the relaxer on my hair too long because they’ve gone off to wash someone else’s hair, leaving my scalp burnt in places. I’ve also had a terrible relaxer where clumps of my hair were falling out as the relaxer was washed out – it was horrific! It got to a point where my hair wouldn’t grow past my shoulders because the ends of my hair were so damaged they would just break off. Relaxer works well for a lot of people, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t work for me.

2-3 years ago I stopped relaxing my hair and left my hair to grow out, trimming off my relaxed ends. I wasn’t ready to deal with my curly hair as for the past 10 years I had only had straight hair. Thick, curly, afro hair was foreign to me, so I started wearing clip in extensions, straightening my hair to blend, then I switched to weaves. My hair was left in peace, away from relaxer and heat and my hair grew! My hair is in much better condition and is back to being thick again, although I have heat damage in the front. I wanted something to make my curly hair a lot more manageable. Enter, the KS Ultimate

What is the KeraStraight KS Ultimate?

This is what KeraStraight have to say about their treatment:
“KeraStraight developed KS Ultimate, a semi-permanent straightening and repair system which provides unrivalled condition, strength and shine. Adaptable to every hair type, thanks to KeraStraight’s advanced protein technology, it’s the ultimate solution to weak, disobedient, damaged hair, transforming it after just one treatment. What’s more, you can shampoo your hair after just 30 minutes and there’s no awkward growing out period, as the results naturally fade away. With results lasting up to 4 months, you can look forward to glossy, gorgeous strands with minimal styling required! It provides glossy smooth results instantly, so there’s no more avoiding the rain, gym or shower for days!”


My Experience with the KS Ultimate

I was a hair model for KeraStraight at the Salon International event at the Excel centre, which meant I had my hair done on stage in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people. On arrival I had my before pictures taken and was introduced on stage, I told the crowd what my hopes were for my hair (frizz control, manageability and to be able to wear my hair both curly and straight) then I was taken behind the stage to have my hair washed and a pre-treatment cleanse applied. As my hair is thick and curly it was left on a little longer to open up my cuticles ready for the Keratin treatment.

I was seated on stage and my hairdresser Matthew Roskell detangled my hair and sectioned it. Taking a small section at a time he applied the KS Ultimate treatment and combed it through with a fine tooth comb. There are no harsh chemicals in the KS Ultimate so Matthew did not have to wear gloves when applying it and there was no strong, awful smell. I was skeptical that they would find my hair difficult to manage as I have had several bad experiences with hairdressers, but I needn’t have worried, not once did I feel my hair being yanked or pulled. Once the treatment was on my hair, Matthew covered it with a plastic cap and left it for 45 minutes, checking it regularly. My hair seemed to draw in a crowd as they were intrigued to see what the KS Ultimate would do to my hair – as was I!

45 minutes later the keratin treatment was washed off and a conditioner applied and rinsed off. That’s something I really liked about the KS Ultimate over other keratin treatments – you do not need to blowdry and straighten your hair on a high heat to seal it in, you only have heat on your hair to style it at the end. Seeing as I have heat damaged hair already, I did not want a lot of heat on my hair so the KS Ultimate was perfect for that. Matthew then seated me back on stage and began to blow dry my hair. Already my hair was feeling softer and less frizzy than it does when I blow dry it. He then straightened my hair using the Kerastraight EasyComb and the Titanium Iron 1.5. I couldn’t believe the results! My hair was glossy, soft and silky, it felt like European hair. I couldn’t stop beaming and the crowd were equally impressed. People who had seen me earlier in the day couldn’t believe I was the same person. I was on cloud 9!


One Month On

When I left the Excel Centre it was raining; normally my straight hair would start to frizz instantly but I managed the long walk to my car with no frizz whatsoever. My Mum was stunned at the results, knowing full well what my hair is normally like. I was nervous to wash my hair as I didn’t want to undo anything. I had been given the KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner so I washed my hair with those and popped on some Organix Argan Oil Conditioner to detangle my hair with. Normally I would divide my hair into 4 sections and detangle it with a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends and gently working my way up to the roots. Detangling would take anywhere between 30-45 minutes. This time I was able to just brush my hair and detangle it in less than 10 minutes! I always air-dry my hair when I’m going to straighten it to minimise the amount of heat I use. My hair dried quicker than normal. I applied heat protectant then straightened my hair with my own straighteners and the KeraStraight EasyComb that my Mum had bought me (thanks Mum!). My hair went back to being lovely and straight, only it wasn’t quite as shiny (I can never recreate that ‘just left the salon’ look at home!). Again, my hair handled frizz easily, even when I went clubbing for my friend’s birthday and we ended up in Penthouse, Leicester Square. The club was a sweat box, incredibly humid and normally my hair would have frizzed up to the point where I’d have to tie my hair up to go home. Not this time! My hair frizzed a minimal amount, not enough to ruin my hairstyle or to warrant me having to tie it up.

The next time I washed my hair I decided to leave it curly to see how it would be. I finger detangled my hair with conditioner on it so as not to disturb my curls too much. I washed out the conditioner and left my hair to air-dry. My hair was still really curly, but my curls were looser. Instead of shrinking to above my shoulders when it had dried, my hair was still past my shoulders and soooo soft! Now, I can wash and go, apply some curl definer and leave my hair to air-dry. After having the treatment, I thought I’d wear my hair straight all the time, but I’ve been enjoying having curly hair that is easy to manage so much that I’ve only straightened it twice in a month!

The picture below shows a before and after comparison of my hair freshly washed and air-dried with zero product on it. Before the treatment, my hair would shrink above my shoulders, now it dries about 2-3 inches longer. All I need is a bit of curl defining cream and I’m good to go!

I wanted to leave it for a whole month before posting this as I wanted to thoroughly test it. The results I got from the KS Ultimate seemed too be good to be true so I was sure something would go wrong. One month on and I am still so in love with it. I can honestly say it lived up to its promise – it has cut the time I spend on my hair in half, from washing to drying to straightening. My hair is softer and my curls are looser but still super curly. I don’t have to fear the rain or a sweaty gym session now and my hair is so much easier to manage. When I was on stage there were ladies with all hair types getting their hair done, so I wholeheartedly recommend KeraStraight treatments to everyone.

*Thank you to KeraStraight who gifted me with the KS Ultimate treatment in exchange for my review. My reviews and opinions are always honest, that is my promise to you.

What type of hair have you got and what are your hair woes or joys? Have you ever had a keratin or straightening treatment? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Jessica

    I had a Brazilian Blow Dry done last year and I wasn’t thrilled, I have to say! Yes, my hair (type 3A curls) was less frizzy but I actually found that it looked quite lank and became greasy less than 24 hours after washing. I got it when the salon was running an offer so it wasn’t silly money that I wasted, I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for it.

    • Cantara

      I had a Brazilian Blow Dry years ago but it didn’t really do anything to my hair! Plus the hairdresser used sooo much heat on my hair, she was practically burning it :( I wouldn’t get a Brazilian Blow Dry again. I really like how the KS Ultimate doesn’t need so much heat.

      • Miriam McCormick

        When the hairdesser blow dryed it did they do it in tiny tesses pressing it in or would a regular blow dry do? I want to do this at home but not sure if it needs professional blow dry? I can’t afford the £170 I’ve been quoted. I’m prepared to pay for the products and get my friend to blow dry it.i also have straighteners to finish. Thanks Miriam

        • Cantara

          Hiya, the hairdresser blow dried my hair normally, taking a bit longer as my hair was so thick and curly, but not blowdrying it in tiny sections. It was the straightening that was done in smaller sections and with several passes of the straightener on each section to seal in the treatment. The blow dry was just to dry the hair, the straightening was to complete the treatment. I personally would recommend having a professional do it, you may not get the results you hope for if you do it yourself. They covered my hair in a plastic cap when the treatment was on my hair to stop it drying out, make sure you do this if you do it yourself. The hairdresser regularly checked my hair to see when it was ready too, I wouldn’t know when it is ready myself. I hope this helps x

    • becky16

      Hi there, well three weeks ago I went into one of the top salons in my area and had the kerastraight system, I did have a consultation a few days before and was assured it would work well on my frizzy highlighted hair. The process took 3 hours, when I came out the salon my hair was poker straight but I did notice the colour had changed to like a yellow colour but I just thought once I had washed it 48hrs later that it would go back to my original white and blonde highlights but anyway it didn’t. The following week after using the kerastraight shampoo and conditioner I noticed my hair didn’t look so great it was brittle and in the light I had jaggered hairs that you could see when I combed it, I decided to use a sulphate free hair mask but it was still dry and by the second week it was starting to look worse I didn’t use any heat on it as when I did it was snapping off now I was worried my hair looked wrecked so I decided to go back to the salon as it cost me 160.00. When I turned up at the salon the stylist said oh my god whats happened to your hair its absolutely wrecked, she apologised and said she would ring the company, I got a full refund and now im booked in for deep treatment and to cut off the fried ends and try and manage the rest of my poor hair. Don’t be swayed by advertising kerastraight as a miracle product as it did not repair my hair it actually damaged it more but to be honest did the stylist do it properly she was following the instruction sheet.

      • Cantara

        Oh my goodness, Becky I am so sorry!! That is awful. I’ve had terrible hairdresser experiences before too, once when I had a relaxer treatment clumps of my hair fell out when they washed out the relaxer. I find it very, very hard to trust hairdressers because of these bad experiences that I’ve had. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I had the best results from the KS Ultimate and I’m actually planning to get it done at the end of this month after payday. It is expensive, but I loved the results so much. I am so, so sorry it didn’t work for you. I would suggest you contact the Kerastraight team directly to find out what went wrong? x

  • Michelle

    Oh wow! I need to try this. I done the big chop this year as I relaxed my hair for over 10years and had the same issues as you. I currently wear protective styles and weaves so my hair can grow to the length it was before (hate the short hair) but i’m loving this – will defo try!

    Ps. I love your hair curly you should wear it like that more often!

    • Cantara

      I love weaves for helping my hair to grow – keep on wearing protective styles and looking after your hair! Definitely look into getting this treatment once you’re happy with your length. I was too scared to do a big chop, so I still have some relaxed ends hanging about and heat damage around the front section of my hair. Good on you for doing the big chop! Good luck on your hair journey :) x

  • Wow! I haven’t tried this, but it looks great! Are there a lot of chemicals in the product? I’d be tempted to try it if not.

    • Cantara

      Not as far as I’m aware. It is formaldehyde free which is a nasty chemical that a lot of straightening products have. Also, hairdressers don’t have to wear gloves when applying it because it hasn’t got any harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. I hope that helps! Let me know if you try it x

  • Your hair looks amazing both ways! But I can understand the change. When I straighten my hair I feel so fancy. Your hair looks so shiny & healthy. :] // ☼ ☯

    • Cantara

      Thank you! :)

  • Wow your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing what a different hairstyle can do. I had a bad at home keratin treatment which put me off and the heat did have to be applied wet on high to lock in the treatment. My curls were messed up as keratin loosens you cup pattern hence why your curls dropped. Your hair looked good curly and straight so happy that your hair was manageable xo

    • Cantara

      Thank you! Oh no, a bad experience sucks – your natural curl pattern is gorgeous! I loved that Kerastraight only needed heat to style and not to lock in the treatment. My hair didn’t feel damaged at all xx

  • A

    The marketing around this product is a lot better than the results, I saw no noticeable difference in texture, (just ruined ends) and hair lightened several shades.

    Unfortunately my hair’s frizziness, coarseness and general unmanageability was basically at pre-treatment levels. The salon did a complimentary “Intense Boost” treatment to recitify, which was a nothing more than a deep conditioner. After the “Intense Boost” it took two stylists, 30 minutes to dry my hair, which still needed another 30 minutes flat ironing with straighteners( plus a 2: off the length at my usual salon) to achieve a acceptable result, proves my point

    In my opinion an almost identical result could have been achieved on my hair pre both treatments with just
    a professional blow dry (which would have been significantly less damaging) and the £265 would have been better spent.

    The whole purpose of this treatment is ‘dramatic results ‘ ; smoothing, straightening and manageability, at home – none of which were delivered. My expectations were based on Kerastraight’s own marketing materials. Whilst I didn’t expect miracles, I did expect a fair result.

    Kerastraight & Salon not interested in customer satisfaction,


    • Cantara

      I am so sorry, that is awful. I had such a great result, I find it hard to imagine others wouldn’t have great results too. This saddens me. I feel like I’ve found this miracle treatment and just want it to make other girls feel great about their hair too. I’m actually planning to get it done again at the end of this month, after payday of course, because I loved the results so much. I only hope my results will be just as great as they were the first time and not damaging. When you say Kerastraight and your Salon weren’t interested in customer satisfaction, did you contact Kerastraight directly? Try emailing them or tweeting them? I really hope your hair is OK, I am so sorry it didn’t work for you, I really am x

  • Hair Definitions

    Hello there. At Hair Definitions, Highgate, North London, we have specialised in Kerastraight Brazilian Blow Drys for afro, mixed race and highly textured/curly hair for the last two years. We have many repeat afro and mixed race clients who come back to us regularly for their Kerastraight (the treatment needs to be done once every 3-4 months) and use it as a way to grow and strengthen their natural hair and also it is a great alternative to a relaxer. Check out the main video on our homepage to see some Kerastraight results on our afro and mixed race clients and also check out this great blogs about Kerastraight on our website We have found that once our afro and mixed race clients have tried the Kerastraight, they love it and do not go back to damaging relaxers/chemical treatments. We have always been able to achieve amazing results for our clients.

    Our prices are £100 – £180 depending on hair length. If you subscribe to our newsletter on , you will get 20% off the treatment on your first visit. – 275 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 5AA. Tel – 0208 341 6946. Email – [email protected]

    • Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to consider you guys in future.

  • Lyndsay Akemi

    How did you deal with your hair falling out?? I did a relaxer myself yesterday and it’s falling out and breaking off, how would I go about bringing it back to health? I don’t want to lose my hair

    • Hi Lyndsay, I’m so sorry! I had the same thing after a bad relaxer, but my hair only fell out when I washed the relaxer out and when I de tangled it

  • Hair Definitions

    Hi Cantara hope you are well. We have a great new offer at Hair Definitions Hair Salon (Highgate North London) for the Kerastraight Keratin Brazilian Blow Dry for £77.99 for a limited time only. We thought we’d share the offer with you and your lovely readers

  • Ashleigh Lewendon

    loving your blog! my hair seems to be similar to yours, that i relaxed it alot and wore weaves. i stopped relaxing my hair 5 years ago and stopped getting weaves about 2 year ago and my hair just wont grow. its stuck at shoulder length. is it because i dont trim ? or because the damage will never go ? im hair is thick and curly but just stuck. any tips?


  • Robert Smith

    Thank you for such a wonderful article dear. i am using best masque for hair from long and its really effective.