Monday Motivation: New Nike Free Run 5.0 Trainers

nike-free-run-5.0-trainers-reviewnike-free-run-5-trainersI decided to buy myself a new pair of trainers to motivate myself to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Having something new to wear will surely make me want to get my butt to the gym so that I can show them off. I’ve been eyeing up a pair of Nike Free Runs since, well, forever. From the adverts where they bend and twist the trainers into shapes no other trainers could replicate, to the images of the pretty colourful Free Runs on most of the image sharing sites.

Nike Free Run Trainers are designed to give you more of a barefoot feeling when wearing them. There are different numbered versions of the Free Runs. On a scale of 1-10, 1 is running barefoot like Adam and Eve and 10 being the standard trainers these days. Mine are a 5.0 so it’s comfortably in the middle of the scale, a great way to introduce yourself into barefoot running. I’d like to try the 3.0’s next.

Despite the beautiful array of colours available, I went for black because I’d like to wear them with normal clothes for walking and I’d quite like to look like these lovely fashionistas when doing so. My next pair however, will be a lot more colourful. I mean, just look at how pretty they are! What sportswear are you craving or bought lately?

Nike Free Run 5.0 Trainers | £90

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  • Ola

    You know already what gymwear I bought lately, being the one who gave me the idea for this H&M top… but here’s a link to the picture of the one I purchased:

    I’ve yet to wear it to the gym, but I’m telling myself it’s the first step that’s the hardest, and that once I do it, I’ll be able to stick to it for a while… Keep your fingers crossed please!

    • That top is gorgeous! I’d love to have that top. Good luck with getting to the gym- I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! xx

  • I love Nike Free Runs! I have a pair with 5.0 soles and 3.0 across the mid-foot (like yours but without the extra casing across the foot. I actually think a full 5.0 would be better for me as I’ve such weak feet/ankles. They’re super comfy though. Enjoy!
    Tash x

    • Oooh I want to try 3.0 next, try on the 5.0s at your local store and see how they feel! xx

  • these are beaut I really want some pink ones!! x

  • I have so much envy right now! I’ve wanted this exact pair for ages and could never justify the £85 price tag! They look so beautiful though, eugh :( xx

    • I know, it’s a lot of money! But I decided to treat myself for Christmas and thought of the cost-per-wear! It did hurt when I hit the checkout button though haha xx

  • I really want a pair if frees

  • Those trainers are beaut!! Love the idea of wearing them for fashion as well as function, makes them a bargain then.